Lola Fae - Cutting the Line

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    Lovely Lola Fae is stuck in this horrendous hell of a waiting room. She can't figure out why everything seems to move so slowly. The young lady finally has only one person left before her in line and it is you. The conniving Lola has an idea to shorten her wait time. She has been watching you stare at her feet. Confident in her power over weird foot loving losers, Lola tells you that she knows what you want. The petite girl proposes that if allowed to skip you in line, she will let you jerk off to her pretty feet. The offer is unimaginable for a horny female foot lover like you. Hell yes you'll agree to that deal! Sexy Lola Fae talks you through the process and encourages you to spill your seed all over the waiting room floor. You don't care about the mess or your appointment. You know that opportunities like this are rare and you'll be telling this incredible story for the rest of your life.