Lilly Hall - Curing E.D.

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    Doctor Lilly Hall specializes in treating male patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. Concerned about prescribing medications that may not be truly required; she performs an unconventional test on you, her male subject. The doctor whips off her black heels and exposes her savory soles and tasty toes for your inspection. Lilly wriggles her toes and rubs her feet together right up close in your face. As she performs these sexy foot actions, the doctor talks you through the procedure, explaining how she can judge your blood flow based on the growing bulge in your pants. Dr. Hall instructs you to remove your penis from your pants and stroke it with your hand. She provides specific instructions on how to handle your tool and the increasing speed you should employ. After observing your throbbing rod spurt its contents all over the office floor, Doctor Lilly Hall explains her diagnosis: "you don't need any pills, just more feet in your sex life."