Kayla - Bound and Denied Foot Freak

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    You can't move an inch - struggle all you like loser you're not going anywhere. You're helpless. You're my poor, tightly bound foot freak. You don't get to kneel and slather over my perfect shoes or feet like other slaves - you're even lower than them. You get tied up and left on the floor for me to torment. I'm going to push my heels in front of your loser face and watch you struggle to get your tongue to make the briefest of contact with the soles. I know you want me to touch you with them, to allow you to feel the leather or the spike of a heel - but no - DENIED! You can just watch and try to wriggle in your bondage towards my pedestals. What if I just slip off one of the heels and leave it right next to your helpless face while I torment you with my bare feet? Teasing you by wriggling my pretty toes right under your nose as you desperately try to smell them. It's torture for you isn't it loser. My other slaves get to lick and worship my beautiful feet but not you. You just watch and beg me to give you something - a touch, a smell anything. I just love to tease you with my feet and heels anD leave you frustrated and denied - lying on the floor all trussed up in inescapable bondage. Keep dreaming foot freak!

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