Goddess Jasmine Mendez - Bailey's BeatDown!

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    Custom: The scene will open with you finishing off your opponent in a reverse headscissor ,69 style. Your opponent can be male or female but should be much smaller than you so that you can easily overwhelm them in combat. Your opponent has been begging you to knock him out to put him out of his misery but you refuse because you want to inflict more pain and humiliation to satisfy your own sadistic desires . Finally you agree to the KO but insist that he begs for it and gradually you increase the pressure in the reverse until the KO is achived . the victims head must be as high up in your thighs as possible so that their nose is touching your ass.you then stand up and gloat about how easy the victory was with your booted foot placed on the losers face and then you begin the count out fRom 1 to 9 and out. The victim slowly regains consciousness and and tries to get up by crawling up your long legs but is too weak.After crawling up to your thighs they slide down to your booted feet. After a couple of more attempts you srike their face with your knee and they are KOed again . Another count follows.If you can do the piledriver then it would b a good plece to do it at this point. If not we can move on. You decide to bring your victim around by kneeling on their upturned face and slowly pouring some water down your thigh so that it slashes onto the face of the victim. You now start the humiliation by making the victim remove your cowboy boots and that they must beg to smell your sweaty feet and lick them clean . the victim must beg for it and you must keep them just out of reach until you think this privilege is deserved. Then if your camera man can get a POV view of your soles being licked particularly showing your arches that would be good. You then flip the victim face down and stand with one foot to each side of the face . You drop down to your knees and place the soles of your feet under his face making him crawl around the room after you begging you to put an end to his humiliation. Finally the victim collapses exhausted into the soles of your sweaty feet and you decide to terminate her with a final double foot smother . The final count out follows with you standing over him laughing and your feet still on his face.