Electra, Brooke - Nothing But Feet

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    Admit it, you LOVE our feet don't you loser? We see you staring at them when we're wearing our cute sandals. Our perfectly painted toenails are exactly what you crave aren't they bitch? There's no point denying it - you desperately crave to lick our soft, pretty soles. Perfect feet like ours deserve to be worshiped and pampered and you're just the foot-worshiping loser to do that. We know you're having trouble admitting it to yourself so we're going to help you. We're going to ram our perfect toes down your pathetic little throat until you finally tell the truth. You're a foot worshiping freak. When you've finally accepted your pathetic status in life there's a few things our foot worshipers must do. You're going to sprinkle our toenail clippings on every meal you have. Haha - How fucking GROSS! You no longer get to fuck girls - The only thing you'll be fucking is our old stinky worn shoes. Haha! That's right you fucking foot loving freak. Our feet will control your worthless life from now on!

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