FootDominas - THALIA - 'Psychotherapy' - HARD Footgagging PART1

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Cover 2 THALIA - 'Psychotherapy' - HARD Footgagging PART1 - SD/WMVCover 3 THALIA - 'Psychotherapy' - HARD Footgagging PART1 - SD/WMVCover 4 THALIA - 'Psychotherapy' - HARD Footgagging PART1 - SD/WMVScreenlist THALIA - 'Psychotherapy' - HARD Footgagging PART1 - SD/WMV
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    Bratty Thalia is in a good mood today, so I hope for something good. She calls me and she has a bag that she is eating from it and she asks me if I want. I don't know what is inside, but I want! I am so hungry!!! She says that is a surprise, so if I close my eyes and open my mouth, I will understand. I do it and what gets into my mouth, is her foot, pushing deep! She laughs as I look her surprised and she doesn't stop to fuck my mouth with her foot. She kicks me on the floor and she push so deep her feet on my mouth, non stop, I feel them on my lungs! When she finishes she leaves smiling and happy, as I feel my lips torn apart and my throat scratched and bigger!

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