FootDominas - EVIKE - 'Coffee Kick' - EXTREME Footgagging PART1

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    I hold a glass in my hands with a liquid that I don't recognize, Evike left it in the morning like this. I want to try it but I am afraid, so I ask Aliosa and he says that this is coffee, he is not allowed to try, but he makes every morning for the Mistresses. We decide to try, after all nobody will understand. We drink and we start to feel weird'What a kick of energy, we are so hyperactive that we start to argue who will do the housework first!I start to clean the floor in front of Evike in a hyperspeed and I inform her that I did all my tasks for the house, plus some extra! She looks at me like I am an alien. I really cannot stop my mouth of speaking and Evike gets fed up and shuts me up with her foot into my mouth! She starts to footgag me hard, she is angry with me because I destroyed her relax time! After some minutes she realizes that the reason that I act so strange is because I drunk coffee! I try to deny, but this little bitch can see that I am lying! She gets more angry with me and starts to footgag me harder, pushing my head with her hands or feet so her foot will go deeper down my throat. I beg her to forgive me but she keeps gagging me hard with her heels and even with two feet on my mouth and for the final punishment, she kicks and stomps my face brutally many times!