Barefoot Nudity - ELENOIRE's barefoot golden rainbow

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    Dear subscribers, ELENOIRE's video-debut at BAREFOOT NUDITY starts with a bang.. er.. a SPLASH! :D After letting you admire her sexy size 37EU/6.5US peds, ELENOIRE is happy to expose her soft body in the Garden of Villa Giusti in Verona (Italy). She starts with spread-eagled poses, soles in the air.. then she starts touching herself. Aroused, she would like to masturbate herself, but she is always interrupted by the arrival of intruders. All this "stop-and-go" urges her to pee and.. here comes the GRAND FINALE: her legs open to the max, she releases an UNBELIEVABLE, ARCHING GOLDEN RAINBOW, shooting her pee well above the height of her head! She nearly floods The Feetosopher's vidcam! OUR MOST OUTRAGEOUS PISSING SCENE EVER! 720x400 (16:9 widescreen format), duration 6'30''. Posted: 06-14-2014