Barefoot Nudity - CECILIA: flashing on sharp gravel

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Cover 2 CECILIA: flashing on sharp gravel - LQ/WMVScreenlist CECILIA: flashing on sharp gravel - LQ/WMV
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    Dear subscribers! This video was made during the latest session of world-famous 24/7/365 barefooter CECILIA with The Feetosopher, held in Verona (Italy) in July 2014. A wide open CECILIA first stimulates her clit on the banks of Adige river, and then delivers a hot flashing show on SHARP GRAVEL, playing with her big, soft tits and her dark pussy. In the final sequence the camera zooms on CECILIA's super-tough bare feet, to let you enjoy how they tackle effortlessly the sharp gravel of the path.. she even stomps her soles on the gravel, hard! 720x400 (16:9 widescreen format), duration 4'30''. Posted: 01-10-2015