Barefoot Nudity - RED-X: barefoot car erotica 9

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    In the final video of this series, gorgeous 24/7/365 barefoot exhibitionist RED-X keeps on masturbating herself frantically with a carrot WHILE DRIVING in the outskirts of Bologna (Italy) with her fantastic perky titties with pierced nipples exposed! The Feetosopher's vidcam zooms into her over-stimulated, soaking wet pussy with pierced clit, and into the super-tough dirty soles of RED-X's sexy size 37EU/6.5US feet! RED-X has flooded the seat with her pussy juices, and The Feetosopher zooms his vidcam into the puddle! RED-X even crunches the tip of the carrot "dressed" in her pussy juices! RED-X and The Feetosopher talk in English throughout the video, and The Feetosopher is absolutely amazed at RED-X's unbelievable erotic skills! At the end of the video, RED-X says goodbye to all BAREFOOT NUDITY subscribers! :-) 1080x600 (16:9 widescreen HD), bit rate 8Mbps, 30 frames per second! Duration over 3'30''. Posted: 11-19-2017