Barefoot Nudity - RED-X: amazing barefoot flasher

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    Dear subscribers! The launch of this amazing newcomer to BAREFOOT NUDITY was foreseen in two weeks, but The Feetosopher - given the incredible attention that this model is receiving - is happy to release this preview video as an appetizer.. so take your oxygen masks, and be ready to get a shock from the incredible RED-X! This unique alternative-type beauty lives barefoot 24/7 since her teens, and truly loves exhibitionism, erotic provocation and sex in every form! In this video she shows you just some of her amazing skills: she pops a lighter out of her moist, gaping pussy; she MASTURBATES WITH A CARROT WHILE DRIVING HER CAR (barefooted, of course!), flooding the seat with her pussy juices until she COMES.. HARD! Finally she stays fully naked & spread-eagled in her car (plenty of traffic behind her!) and PUMPS HER ASSHOLE OUT so hard that SPURTS OF PEE GET OUT! WELCOME TO BAREFOOT NUDITY, RED-X! 720x400 (16:9 widescreen format), duration 6'30''. Posted: 08-23-2014