Barefoot Nudity - MJ36: flashing under the old bridge

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    Dear subscribers! The headliner in today's all-video update is our exhibitionist super-cutie MJ36.. in NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN VIDEO FOOTAGE! In the last months you have bombed us with requests about her.. so we begged The Feetosopher to find a way to quench your thirst! The Feetosopher searched his secret archives.. and came out with this RARE GEM! The Feetosopher explains: "This video was filmed during my second session with wonderful MJ36 in Verona (Italy). By accident, I stored it in a folder where.. it should not have been stored! When asked to come up with new stuff starring MJ36.. I did remember to have filmed this video.. but I could not remember where I had stored it! It took me nearly 2 days but.. I found it, at last! :-)" MJ36 boasts super-dirty soles from urban barefooting: she merrily exposes her juicy bushy pussy and her incredible all-natural tits under Castelvecchio fortified bridge on a sunny day, looking at The Feetosopher's assistant (positioned on the river's embankment to warn MJ36 about intruders) from time to time, and smiling at you! Tourists pop in sight behind her! The Feetosopher zooms his vidcam into MJ36's crotch and sexy size 36EU/6US feet for breathtaking close-up views! If you are into MJ36.. this video is a MUST SEE ONE! 1080x600 (16:9 widescreen HD), bit rate 8Mbps, 30 frames per second! Duration 4'30'' Posted: 03-11-2018