Barefoot Nudity - ELETTRA: dirty-soled anal show!

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    Dear subscribers! By popular demand, in today's update we are proud to release another blazing hot video starring our superstar ELETTRA! The video starts with ELETTRA stark naked, dirty-soled and on all four inside her hotel room in Verona (Italy). ELETTRA is ultra-horny and she gets very busy.. shoving one and TWO fingers inside her asshole! Not satisfied, ELETTRA simultaneously stimulates her juicy pussy, until she SQUIRTS! Finally, she pumps out her vagina and her asshole, as The Feetosopher zooms into them for mind-blowing close-ups! ELETTRA is super-naughty and at her raunchiest.. she seeks eye contact with you as she LICKS HER FINGERS.. JUST OUT OF HER ASSHOLE! This video is a DIRTY-SOLED ANAL EXTRAVAGANZA! ;-) 1080x600 (16:9 widescreen HD), bit rate 8Mbps, 30 frames per second! Duration 4'30''. Posted: 04-22-2017