Lady Anja - Wet Nylons

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    My divine legs in white nylons. Of course, my bare legs already look very elegant but if you see them in some white stockings your slave brain crashes. You can't help yourself. if you see this picture you instantly start to drool and feel the urge to start jerking off your d1ck. But that's not it, I have something else in mind to make you drool and fuck your brain. You won't be able to withstand it. At these temperatures outside I'm going to take a cool in the pool. I let my feet slip into the water and you will see the wet nylon around my feet. Can you see how the wet nylon covers my legs and they start to look better and better? I'm sitting by the pool in my short Bra set and how I let my legs slip into the water. You can hardly stand it when I pull my legs out of the water and you see every single one of my toes. Of course, the purpose of the Bra set is to make you even more crazy. Well my foot slave, that's exactly what you want to see right? In this clip you can not only see my elegant legs, but you see them in a very special way. That's especially for my foot fetishists but all the other slaves start drooling to. You would do anything to be able to lick these divine legs. To fuck the brain of those of you, who aren't interested in my legs this much I'm wearing a sexy bikini. All in all: If you're a foot fetishist your brain gets f4cked twice. Otherwise only once. But no matter what your brain will After watching this video, it will take you quite some time to think clear again. Well at least if you ever could. The problem is that your brain is too small to think of anything else than your goddess.

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