ilse Alcorta - Pink Power

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    Hello everyone! :) I'm starting the month right by posting a brand new set for you! I hope you guys like it. I got this idea from one of you guys, someone sent me an email asking me to do a set with my pretty white socks and pantyhose, like the Hooters girls... ;) Well, i really liked the idea, but i wanted to use my pink converse since they match my fingernails. ;) I'm also wearing my Pink Power Ranger hoodie to look like i'm ready to kick ass! haha. I took a lot of pictures with my shoes on because i know there's some of you who like to see me with my socks and shoes on. ;) My converse are all dirty now... haha. My dear friend Matt sent these to me some time ago, he knows pink is my favorite color, thank you Matt!

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