THE MEAN GIRLS - Sock Sucker Roommate

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    This loser came to Our open slave tryouts at Mean Girl Manor but didn't want to get beaten. He just wanted to act out his fantasy and smell Our socks. LOL. So he brought Us a small tribute and We made it happen! See how easy that is, losers?? The Plot: I am roommates with Princess Jennifer and Goddess Nina. They use me to do all their laundry and clean the house for them. But I am always complaining about how messy they are and how they fart all the time in the house and how their socks and feet really stink from them working out all the time. They finally get tired of me complaining and spraying febreeze everywhere, and decide to kick me in the balls, dropping me in a heap at their feet. They then begin teaching me a lesson about complaining to them or saying that they "stink"! They take their shoes off and begin shoving their sweaty, smelly socks in my face and forcing me to smell them! THey order me to "inhale real deep, loser!" and say that I will learn to NEVER complain again! I am forced to worship their socks. At the end, Goddess Nina sits down on my head and FARTS and says in a mocking tone, "Try and febreeze THAT away, loser!" and laughs as she walks off.

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