The Foot Fantasy - INDICA OWES RENT

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    CLEO just got home from her work out at the gym it was a really hard one too, she notices no rent has been left her and calls her roomie INDICA into her room. CLEO reminds INDICA yet again, that she is late on rent and owes CLEO money. INDICA doesn't have a job and has no funds for rent and asks CLEO to work it off maybe doing laundry or dishes? CLEO thinks for a minute and refuses but she does have a better idea. CLEO pulls her stinky GYM SHOES and FEET up into INDICA'S lap and tells INDICA to take her SHOES off. INDICA doesn't see why this is relevant or necessary but CLEO tells her to do it. INDICA removes her SHOES and the SMELL hits poor INDICA'S NOSE as she scrunches it trying to prevent the SMELL from entering. CLEO lifts her FEET to INDICA'S face and FORCES INDICA to SMELL and take BIG WHIFFS of her SOCKED FEET. INDICA gas and coughs as she SMELLS, SMELLING CLEO is TORTURE and she can barely handle it. CLEO isn't done with INDICA yet though, CLEO wants INDICA to go straight to the source and remove her SOCKS and SMELL her STINKY SOLES, BAREFEET, and in between her TOES. INDICA does as CLEO says if it will get her a pass on the rent she will take it. INDICA breathes in the SWEAT and STENCH from CLEO'S sexy but DIRTY and SMELLY FEET. INDICA thinks she's done but still CLEO has more FOOT TORTURE in store. CLEO tells INDICA her FEET need to be CLEANED, WORSHIPED rather. INDICA is confused until CLEO forces her FEET to INDICA'S MOUTH and tells INDICA to WORSHIP, LICK, and SUCK her SOLES and TOES. CLEO wants all the sweat from her FEET in INDICA'S mouth. Watch as CLEO FOOT DOMINATES and HUMILIATES INDICA for being late on rent.