Stella Liberty - Nylon Foot Cuckold

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    Your wife has just arrived home from work and you're excited to find that she is super horny! You're in for a treat! She makes you strip and get down on your knees. Today is finally the day your wife allows you to indulge in your pantyhose foot fetish! She allows you to worship her perfect feet while she tells you how horny she has been all day at work. You notice that something tastes different, but she tells you to ignore it, and you're lost in her beautiful nylon clad feet while your wife tells you how to jerk your cock. Then she reveals that the reason she's so aroused is because of a young hot intern at the office. You can't stop worshipping her perfect feet even as she describes giving him a show with her dangling heels and teasing him in office meetings. Finally she brought him into her office, seduced him, fucked him, and finished off the new intern with a footjob - something you will never experience from your beautiful wife! What you taste in her nylons in his cum! Your wife makes you jerk and worship her feet the same way she is going to make you worship his cock. She is going to train the intern to be a real alpha male at the expense of her poor pathetic husband - you. And you love every moment of it!