Stella Liberty - Mom's Runner Feet

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    My feet are so sore after that run! Why are looking at mommy like that? You know what mommy said about you being a little pervert. I'm going to have to punish you for looking at mommy like that. Here come sniff my sweaty socks. How do they smell? You better listen to what I say or daddy is going to find out what a little pervert you are. Mommy loves you and only has your best interest in mind. Now smelly mommy's sweaty socks. You wannna bee a good boy for mommy don't you? Do what I say. I don't care if they are dirty, or if you don't like the smell. Bury your nose in these sweaty stinky socks. You are mommy's little good boy aren't you? You have no choice in this matter. Now come closer and worship mommy's sweaty feet and lick them with your tiny tongue. Clean off all the buttery vinegar scent! Mommy will reward you for being so good. Get all the lint off too while you're at it. Mommy licks her feet because she loves that salty flavor. Now that reward I was talking about? Pull out your penis for your mommy.. don't worry, mommy knows your body, no need to be shy. Wank your winky for mommy and cum all over her feet. Good, good boy.