Princess Carmela - Jail All Men

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    By 2020 all men have been jailed by women because their sex drives are just too gross to function in civilized society. In fact, the new trend is 2 have a private jail cell in every woman's home 2 keep the men locked up & under the complete control of women. (Plus, this saves on having to build new prisons! And the home remodel is totally government-funded!) Princess Carmela is no exception, in fact she LOVES the idea of keeping men locked up in her own basement jail cell, & even keeps her male prisoners' cocks locked in a chastity tube while they rot away in her cage so they can't even jerk off 2 the thought of her! That way they can't spend all day masturbating in their cage..& eventually they get SO horny and desperate just 2 see her that they begin to LIVE 4 her brief, infrequent visits- and they will do ANYTHING she says to keep her there for as long as possbile. Carmella makes her occasional visits to see how her men r doing locked up in body and spirit. Her favorite thing to do is tease men with her feet only getting so close to the jails door as to let them smell her feet and Hope to worship them in some way. And the best part? The male she was given to keep in her cell right now isn't even a 'foot guy' or submissive in ANY way! In fact, he was the complete opposite! He was a high-powered banker who was use to getting his way, sexually abusing women, grabbing their tits n ass whenever he felt like it'but that has all changed now. Now he has been reduced 2 a horny, groveling foot licker 4 Princess Carmela. She has broken him. And reduced him to the point that he is SO horny and desperate for ANY female interaction that he licks the dirt & foot sweat off the bottom of Princess Carmela's feet through his prison bars- & actually has come to LIKE it'because he knows it is all he will ever get. So it is feet- or nothing. And he will never touch ANY woman in any other way again. So he now has been completely mentally broken, & molded into a pathetic foot-licking bitch for Princess Carmela!

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