Princess Beverly - Socker Poppers

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    Custom Clip You want to make me addicted to you. You think I need more focus on you. I should be conditioned to you with a kind of aroma therapy. You want me to sniff your foot scent and poppers. So you let me deeply put my nose into your black socks which you made so aromatic for me. Perhaps you give me some tasks I have to perform to show you my devotion (jerking every day to your clips, tributing, asking for customs, buying new clips of other categories). Let me deeply inhale your scent. I should never forget who controls my orgasms and makes me happy. Use poppers and your foot scent to make me worshipping and celebrating you. Explain what happens to my brain when inhaling your aroma, that I would be on a good way to become your jerking foot slave. Let me release to a countdown.

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