Mandy Flores - Hogtied POV

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    You have virtually tied me in a hogtie (important) me on the floor with rope (you could be crouched over tying the last knot as the video begins). Cotton clothesline is best or just white or hemp ropes r fine. Please just verbally reference that you have tied me up, how good or experienced u r at it, and to feel free to struggle as much as I want because u know I can't get loose in your own words to that effect. Your motivation could be that I've dumped one of your girlfriends and you are pissed, or I hit your car & you tracked me down, or whatever u choose. You then start to gather your stuff (extra rope and a roll of tape) to go, but I beg you not abandon me tied like that, and that I'll do anything u say to get you to untie me. You then remove your tennis shoes/socks (keds/converse preferable, but any you own will be OK) and u compel me 2 worship your bare feet to possibly convince you 2 untie me. Please give instructions on how to worship, and muse about abandoning me to be found tied up. At the very end, u decide not 2 untie me, you then gag me with your socks you removed earlier and tape them in, & then put your shoes back on in view of the camera, and then abandon me & struggle.

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