Young Goddess Kim - Smoking Rouge

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    The tension I build in you is so beautifully corrupting. Knowing I have so much power over you, with a simple glance I send shivers through your body. So easily you give in to Me, so pliable in My presence. To Me, you are but a 'thing', something to be used however I please. As I relax and enjoy the afternoon in the sun, My bare legs resting up high, your eyes wonder over My heavenly body. you are kept on your knees in the corner, a simple slave only to respond to a commanding snap of My finger that you long to hear. Putting a cigarette between My full red lips, I allow you to crawl to the end of My feet and order you to kiss My superior soles. I'm going to use that face of yours now, loser. Face Me, lucky bitch and stick out your tongue...
    Includes: Human ashtray, Smoking Fetish, Stilettos, Shoe Worship, Goddess Worship, Femdom POV, PVC, Female Domination, Legs Fetish, Lipstick Fetish, Female Supremacy, Verbal Humiliation