The Wolfe Sole Experience - Not a Foot Boy, Sis

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    I'm an oldest sibling, which means that My whole life My younger siblings have been either trying to follow in My footsteps. As the oldest, I believe it's My responsibility to ensure that they follow only the right footsteps. So, when My sister called saying she was thinking of booking a session, I was thrilled...right up until She started to say "foot worship"... at which point I cut her off and forbid her from doing the session. Of course, younger siblings can never just take their older sister's word for anything, so when she was not convinced by "no, Sis, not a foot boy", I had no choice but to go into detail around why it is so important to Me that she DOES NOT book that session with a loser foot bitch. I start by explaining every foot boy's pathetic thought about their foot fetish being some kind of curse that makes them outliers in society, and how they use that to get to nice girls and convince those girls...who they then start calling 'foot girls'... to let them do disgusting things to their feet; rub them on their nasty faces, put them in their gross-ass mouths, and the worst, stick their fucking disgusting dicks between the girls' soles, toes, whatever. EW! This should really be enough information to deter anyone from booking a foot worship session for the not-nearly-enough-money these fucking losers try to get them for... but just to make sure she understood just how pathetic these guys are... I had to also tell her about the sweaty, stinky feet thing; the fact that these guys don't just like feet, they like the smell of seriously rancid feet that no person would ever just naturally have after a normal day... and, again, don't think they should have to pay much for it. Finally, once My sister understood that what this foot boy wanted to do is pay her a small amount of money for her to get her feet as sweaty and smelly as possible, and then get them even nastier by putting them on the losers face, in his mouth, and on his dick...or worse, in his face while touching his dick... and I also agreed to pay her double what he wanted to pay her (something that becomes easy to do when one starts doing real sessions instead of seeing loser foot boys), she promised not to do the session, so I could sleep soundly.