Ceara Lynch - Mean Runner Girl

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    I'm always catching men staring at me, watching their heads turn as I run by. It is only natural for a guy to watch a sexy runner in her ass hugging tights. One of my neighbors I always seem to bump into, but he is never checking out my bouncing tits or even my ass when I pass him. I decide to lure him over after I see him again on my run to discover his fascination with me. I know he isn't like normal men, but when I teased him with my hot ass he couldn't take his eyes off my shoes. He must be lusting after my sweaty feet every time I'm out running. Why would a guy want anything to do with my gross stinky shoes and feet? My running sneakers are months old and have hundreds of miles on them. I love the idea though of shoving my neighbors nose into my shoes and making him sniff and lick my dirty socks and sneaks. Men are into some weird things.

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