Princess Mika - Snap = ca$h #2

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    How long will it take for you losers to understand that you are nothing more than a means to an end for Me? You work so hard day after day earning all that money only to watch as I slowly take it all away from you with each snap of My fingers. You see, I know that your are hopelessly addicted to Me to the point where you will literally do anything that I tell you to. And there is nothing I love more than taking advantage of My weak little slaves by taking all their ca$h. So I am going to completely drain your wallet today and you are going to thank Me for the privilege of being My little pay pig. It really is so easy for Me to control you. All I have to do is smile at you and snap My fingers and instantly your money is Mine. And that is how it should be. You do not deserve to keep your ca$h, I do. And you love giving Me your money just as much as I love taking it away so I know you are going to enjoy this clip. You truly are such a lucky little slave.