Philly Foot Worship - My Secretaries Feet

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    The secretary at my job has these log smooth tan legs and soft high arched feet. I love sitting behind her because I get to watch her shoes dangle from her feet. My dick gets so hard because I just want to get on my knees to sniff and lick the sole of her feet. Well today was my lucky day. She was complaining of her feet hurting at lunch. Nobody else was in the office so I told her that I have a remedy to cure her hurt feet. She was like please help me out. In this clip, I put her feet in lap and take off her heels. I sniff them at first before I put her toes in my mouth. I suck on each toes. Then I lick the arches and soles of her feet. I look up and she is biting her lip so I know she?s enjoying it. My dick is rock hard and before I know it people start to arrive back from lunch. She sits up, puts her feet back in her shoes and spins around. I get up walk into the bathroom to jerk my dick so it will go down. What at day at the office. Posted: 06-11-2012