Philly Foot Worship - You Are A Foot Fetish Creeper

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    In this Pov pictures and clip, this hot college girl leaves the key to her apartment in her door. You know she is hot because you see her everyday wearing flip flops around the building. So you wait until late night and use her keys to open her door. She is sleeping naked under her sheets. The soles of her feet are sticking out from the sheets. That is not enough for you so you strip her sheets off to view her naked body along with her feet. She still does not know you are in the room standing their with a hard dick. You check out the soles of her feet as she tosses and turns in the bed.Finally she starts to wake up and you sneak out the apartment before she knows you are there. You keep her key so that you can keep coming back to jerk off to her feet. Posted: 01-01-2014