Philly Foot Worship - Licking Cindy's Feet in Public

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    Cindy was our real waitress when we went out to get something to eat after a long day mm 3shooting videos. During dinner we saw that she was cute but she had stockings on so we could not see her feet. We kept asking her about her feet at dinner like her shoe size which is a size 9 and had she ever had her feet worshipped. She said no. Therefore we offered her some extra money to let us see and worship her feet on camera. She was like no at first bc she was working. We told her to take a break and earn some extra cash. Before you know it we had her down the street from her job on a park bench taking off her stockings and viewing her sexy feet. The next thing you know is our foot boy has her toes in his mouth while spectators watch on the streets.This is a great reality foot worship scene Posted: 01-28-2013