Bare Foot Confidential - Lisa Marie

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    Lisa Marie has long legs and a big foot. You think you can fit her size 8' 1/2" foot in your mouth the way her co-worker does? He secretly hates this bitch, and he hates himself for letting his emotions getting in the way. He seems to worship Lisa's feet. He licks every inch of her soles, sucks her toes and covers her feet in his saliva. He loves to please this so called bitch. Watch him please her dark hole too. He moves from ass to pussy, then back to ass again. He loves to tongue this broad. It looks like all this oral play got Lisa horny! Lucky him that she bends over the desk and gets pounded! She lifts her feet up in the air and pinches her feet together and he slides his dick in between her feet. It's a hot scene. Check it out!