Bare Foot Confidential - Lyla Storm

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    Back in the day, a man would marry a woman if she owned a liquor store. Without question. If she were dumb and double-jointed to go along with it, even better. But we have an interesting situation here involving Lyla Storm. Lyla is obviously very flexible judging from this video, but, as a fool can plainly see, she also has great foot bottoms as well. Whoa. What do you do? Is this a woman after our own heart or what? Trouble is you marry a broad like that, you spend the rest of your life jacking off to her and her alone. A pretty face weathers and grow old, but foot bottoms get really gnarly and crusty. Ever felt up an old lady's feet? Be thankful that you have ageless videos like this because chicks like Lyla will never look this good again.