Tickling Submission tickling - Girls gang tickle Vanessa

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    Expert ticklers Sandra and Nathaly with baby tickler Abby in action and as you can imagine the results were pretty explosive! Poor Vanessa is completely vunerable, her whole body is immobile and ready for tickling and girls wastes no time. First of all girl's nimble fingers work over her upper body, tickling and teasing her soft under arms, ticklish sides and belly, with every ticklish touch from girls comes waves of sweet laughter from Vanessa. Vanessa fights hard and wants the tickling to stop, but she has no chance, girls just getting started! Nathaly and Abby moves on to her delicious bare feet, which are soft, smooth and super ticklish! Once again Nathaly works like the expert she is, her nimble fingers soon show Vanessa's ticklish soles, just who's boss. The ticklish trio soon get to work, and soon they have poor Vanessa in fits of laughter, there tickling hands explore all over her hot body and tiny feet. Don't miss sexy girl Vanessa tickled out of her mind for over 14 minutes, by the tickling legends that are Sandra and Nathaly!