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    Hot brunette Melisa is no stranger to tickling, she experienced the work at tickling submission before, but one thing she's never experienced is the expertise of ticker Jane! Jane spots Melisa's tiny, ticklish, soft bare feet and quite simply demanded to tickle them, of course we let her have her wish! Jane is no non-sense, she has Melisa bound on the bed, in a hogtied position and is going to simply tickle Melisa's feet until she cannot take it! For over eight minutes Jane tickles Melisa's feet, her nimble fingers work quickly and efficiently over Melisa's tiny soles, Jane shows no mercy and all poor Melisa can do is laugh! Jane also introduces Melisa's feet to the feather, slowly dragging the soft tip over her wrinkled soles, this evokes some great ticklish reactions from her sexy ticklish victim! Don't miss this hot brunette foot tickled in this newest tickle video!