Foot Factory - Belladonna

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    We see the amazing Belladonna, she sits on a patio and gives and interview. She wears only a black top with the rest of her body naked. The interview cuts back and forth between locations of her photo shoot. She continuously pleasures herself the entire time she gives the interview. In the photo shoot she penetrates herself with toys and points her perfect dirty feet into the air. Her toes, arches and soles are sculpted to perfect design. Her skin is a light golden tan, just like the baby golden hairs than run over her skin. In the interview section her vagina grows with stimulation as her fingers swirl on top of it. She talks about how much she loves watching people masterbate and she displays her vagina in extreme close detail. She takes various positions on a stool while she penetrates herself. Her feet get so dirty as the step on the dirty concrete floor, yet they always look so delicate and sexy. Belladonna is on her knees with her perfect ass in the air. Her even more perfect feet are facing us bottoms up. The balls are so smooth and the soles are slightly padded with dirt. She lies on a blue sleeping bag and sucks on a toy. She teases us with her swinging feet and pointing toes. She even arches her feet perfectly making them look like living works of art. Belladonna squats even more and spreads herself open. Her fingers gently and smoothly slide into her body and open the vagina. Her dirty heels are constantly raised and run down to her edible toes. She tries various positions with her feet together and apart then she turns on her back. She grabs a gigantic toy and penetrates herself. Her feet effortlessly hover in the air as she spread her smooth and perfect legs. Her gorgeous arches are constantly flexed. Ultimately she crosses her raised legs which highlight her dirty bottomed feet even more. In the interview she reaches orgasm then asks if you want her...right now. Running Time: 19:54